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City Contacts

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City Administrator
Bruce J. Smith
Phone:(313) 343-2450

City ClerkPhone:(313) 343-2440
City AssessorPhone:(313) 343-2452
Tax ClerkPhone:(313) 343-2435
Tax ClerkEmail:
Passport Acceptance AgentPhone:(313) 343-9955
Municipal Court ClerkPhone:(313) 343-2455
Director of Public SafetyPhone:(313) 343-2420
John G.
Building OfficialPhone:(313) 343-2426
Director of Public ServicesPhone:(313) 343-2463
Community CenterPhone:(313) 343-2408

Fax Numbers


City Clerk:

Department of Public Safety:

Municipal Court:

Department of Public Works:

Assessing/Tax Department:

Parks and Recreation:

Community Center:

(313) 343-2658

(313) 343-5667

(313) 343-2439

(313) 886-6284

(313) 343-2622

(313) 343-2785

(313) 642-5105

(313) 642-5105


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