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City Clerk

What are City Hall's regular office hours?

Regular office hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday-Friday. See the City Contacts page.

Who do I talk to when I have a concern regarding a City matter?

If the item pertains to a City service, contact the appropriate department within the City Administration first. If you are unable to have your concern resolved, contact the City Administrator or City Clerk.

Where do I pay my tax and water bills?

Credit cards payments are accepted for water bills, tax bills and building permits at City Hall or online by clicking Online Services on the main page. The City uses Point & Pay to process credit card payments. The fee is charged by Pointe & Pay and added to your total bill at the time the transaction occurs. The fee schedule is listed below:


$0 - $50.00 PYMT = $1.50 FEE
$50.01 - $100.00 PYMT = $3.00 FEE

Automatic payment withdrawal can be set up for your water bill. Please submit the Direct Debit Enrollment Application. There is no charge for enrolling in the automatic water bill payment program. When applying, a voided check must be included with your application. Applications are available for pick-up at the City Hall Water Department during normal business hours of Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. For additional information, please call 313-343-2430.

If you use the City drop box or U.S. Mail, please do not send cash. Please include the original bill with your payment.

Where can I buy garbage bags and what do they cost?

Purchase garbage bags from the Cashier in City Hall during regular business hours. If City Hall is closed Public Safety sells garbage bags.

  • Compost bags - $4.50 for 10 bags
  • Garbage bags - $10.00 for a roll of 50

How do I submit a request to be placed on an agenda?

The City Administrator has the responsibility of reviewing the Council Agenda. Agenda items normally require action by the Council. If you would like an item placed on the agenda, place your request in writing to the City Administrator or the City Clerk.

When does City Council Meet?

City Council Meetings are held the first and third Mondays of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers located in the back of City Hall. If the meeting falls on a holiday, it is moved to the following Monday.

What is Committee-of-the-Whole?

C-O-W meetings are meetings called by the Mayor as a work session when there is an item(s) that needs to be addressed. These meetings are usually held on the second or fourth Mondays when no Council meeting is scheduled, or prior to a regular Council meeting. C-O-W is a recommending body to the City Council. These meetings are open to the public.

How do I submit a Freedom of Information request?

Written request can be submitted in person, by mail, or fax. FOIA request forms are available through the City Clerk’s Office.

When are Council meeting agendas posted?

Agendas are available for public review the Friday afternoon preceding the Council meeting.

Agendas are posted at: City Hall on the public bulletin boards, On the City’s website, At six Municipal Bulletin Boards

  • Mack/Lochmoor
  • Mack/Anita
  • Mack/Ridgemont
  • Mack/Broadstone
  • Mack/Hollywood
  • Mack/Newcastle

Where can I get a copy of meeting agendas and minutes?

All meetings and agendas are posted on the Grosse Pointe Woods website or you can contact the City Clerk’s office for any copies you may need.

Where can I get a birth or death certificate?

Birth certificates for people born at:

  • Bon Secours/Beaumont contact Grosse Pointe City at 885-5800
  • Cottage/Henry Ford contact Grosse Pointe Farms 885-6600
  • St. John contact Herman Keifer 876-0417.

Death certificates can be obtained by contacting the Wayne County Clerk’s Office at 313-224-6262 or by visiting Wayne County Clerk

Public Safety

When I call 9-1-1, why am I sometimes told to call back on a non-emergency line?

9-1-1 is for emergency calls only. An emergency call is one where there is a potential or immediate threat to life. Sometimes people will call 9-1-1 to ask a question or to report a non-emergency situation. We do not want to tie up emergency 911 lines with non-emergency calls, so we ask that you call our non-emergency phone number at 313-343-2400.

If I misdial 9-1-1, what should I do?

Stay on the phone. Even if you hang up prior to us answering the phone, the call will go through and register as a 9-1-1 call. As long as you stay on the phone and tell us that you have misdialed the only thing that will happen is that the call taker or dispatcher will verify your phone information, such as the number, your name, and your address. If you hang up, the call taker or dispatcher will call you back and may send an officer to your location.

Why is the dispatcher or call taker asking me so many questions and not sending an officer?

Police dispatchers and emergency call takers are trained to ask questions. It is their responsibility to obtain enough information to determine the priority of the call, and to assist responding officers. On in progress calls, the call taker or dispatcher will routinely remain on the phone while police officers respond.

Municipal Court

Who to make checks payable to?

The City Of Grosse Pte. Woods or City Of G.P.W

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